Microblading: Restore a youthful and natural look to the face.

Microblading makes the brows restored to their original shape and look, by stroking individual looking hairs onto the skin. People no longer want the tattoo look, and prefer to look naturally like themselves without makeup. It is also great for creating a lift in the eyebrow for those who have lost their eyebrow shape with age. Microblading helps restore a youthful and natural look to the face. Microblading Frequently Asked Questions: Q. What is Microblading? A. Microblading is excellent for those wanting to enhance their brows, or who have little to no eyebrows, thinning brows from age, or just over tweezed brows. Unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, Microblading is less invasive, more na

eTwo: The results continue to amaze

Now that summer has ended, it's the perfect time to remind our patients about this quick, minimal downtime procedure that can reverse much of the damage caused by the sun. eTwo™ skin resurfacing / skin contouring. has consistent results with improvements on acne scarring, skin texture and pigmentation. Unlike most other skin rejuvenation treatments, the eTwo treatment generates energy through a small point of penetration that expands well below the surface. Since eTwo is not light-based, the risk of side effects, such as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, is greatly reduced and is safe for all skin types. eTwo combines Sublative and Sublime energies. Sublative works to resurface the skin



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