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RETINOL: What is it? What does it do for your skin?

Retinol is the best skin care ingredient to fight skin aging.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. It is in the family of ingredients called Retinoids. Retinol has been scientifically proven for its ability to block and reverse skin aging and fight wrinkles. It corrects hyperpigmentation, brightens dull complexions and smooths skin's texture.

Skin aging can start as early as your late teens, that’s why it’s never too early, or too late to start using a Retinoid.

How does Retinol fight skin aging, hyperpigmentation and acne problems?

  • Stops the breakdown of your skin collagen that happens after UV sun exposure.

  • Retinol encourages skin cell turnover to make collagen which reverses wrinkles and skin thinning from sun damage.

  • Brightens skin by exfoliating and improves the structure of your skin.

  • Improves crepey skin appearance.

  • Normalizes pigment problems in the skins epidermis to fight hyperpigmentation.

  • Prevents dead cells from clogging pores and causing blackheads and pimples.

  • Prevents acne scars by preventing pimples that form from clogged pores.

  • Helps diminish the appearance of past acne scarring.

How do you find the best Retinol serum?

Look for a Retinol product with:

  • Pharmaceutical grade Retinol.

  • High, professional Retinol concentration in a product.

  • Retinol, rapidly breaks down when exposed to the sun and air. That’s why products containing Retinol should always come in pumps or tubes with tight fitting caps. Once opened, these products do not keep well and should be used within a couple of months.

With all skin care products, how the product is formulated and dispensed is important. Manufactures commonly add inadequate amounts or “actives”. They create unstable formulations, but brag about an ingredient on the label.

How do you use Retinol?

  • Retinol causes photosensitivity in skin. That’s why it should be used at night, followed by a broad spectrum sunscreen the next day.

  • Retinol can be applied alone or layered with other skin care products like moisturizers.

  • It’s recommended to start every other night, working up to every night.

How long does it take to see results?

Results may vary

  • Improved skin tone and texture can be seen in as little as a week. Skin will look brighter and healthier because of the rapid cell turnover.

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles can be seen in the first few weeks.

  • Hyperpigmentation can be reduced within the first month. It takes several months to reduce deeper pigment problems.

  • Pores will be less clogged within a month or two.

  • 3 to 6 months for new collagen production to build up.

What is the best Retinol night serum?

The Retinol in our Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum is pharmaceutical grade, with the highest concentration available, packaged in an airtight container that blocks light, and is made in an entirely hypoallergenic formulation. It also is enriched with pharmaceutically pure, stable and concentrated green tea antioxidants to load your skin’s antioxidant reserve.

Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum is formulated with 10X concentration of medical grade all-trans-retinol. Made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in an FDA-approved lab, you know you are getting powerful, purified, and stable all-trans-retinol using state-of-the-art technology, which translates to maximum effectiveness with minimal irritation.

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